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        Functional Material

        SINGAO-TEX, “breathable material” has become renowned brand both domestic and abroad in outdoor activity, home texture, medical protective items, stuff production, inner-decorati…

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        Functional home textile

        SINGAO-TEX ismainly processed into waterproof mattress protector, waterproof bed sheet and mattress, waterproof pillowcase and pillow towel,waterproof bib,waterproof nightgown, wat…

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        Functional Garments

        SINGAO-TEX laminatedmaterial uses international advanced hi-tech environmental friendly HMPUR hot melt adhesive bondingequipment and advanced technology to gainsuch features as env…

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        Modern factories

        there are 3 modern workshops, 1 up-to-date laboratory, 1 modern logistic center and 1 Market-design Center. It can offer a series of service including design, high innovative weavi…

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        Online Shop

        SINGAO-TEX is based on factory. It sets up domestic online sales platform and owns Taobao, Alibaba wholesale shops as well.

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        Interaction Platform

        SINGAO-TEX is now on the fast-lane of development. In order to match the growing pace, Singao-texers sincerely wish sharing the resource(cooperation in design, recruitment, researc…

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